Tattoo Aftercare


Aftercare instructions

Congratulations on your new tattoo!!!

Now it is up to you to take proper care of your tattoo. Tattoo aftercare is the most important process of getting a tattoo. To assure your tattoo heals properly follow all instructions given by the artist that has completed the tattoo. Tattoo aftercare may vary depending on the artist, please follow the aftercare instructions from each artist carefully. If the aftercare instructions are followed correctly, the healing process should go without flaw.

*Depending on the bandage applied to the tattoo, times may very as to how long to leave the bandage on after the tattoo.

If using sandi-derm, tatu derm or similar adhesive like bandages, you may leave the bandage on overnight and/or up to 24 hrs. following the tattoo.

(Recommended: remove bandage in the shower or let run under warm water prior to removal.)

If using dry-lock, clear non-adhesive wrap, or other absorbent like bandages, only leave the bandage on the tattoo no longer than 1 hr. following the tattoo.

After removing the bandage from the tattoo, make sure to clean your hands using an antibacterial soap and warm water.

(Dial gold antibacterial recommended for cleaning of hands and tattoo.)

Thoroughly clean the tattoo and surrounding area with antibacterial soap and warm water. Make sure to wash off all remaining ink and blood from the area and thoroughly rinse the tattoo with warm water.

(Do not use cloth, luffa ext. to clean the tattoo.)

You may continue to rinse the tattoo using a warm-cold compress method.

After washing the tattoo pat dry only, do not rub. Let the tattoo continue to air dry for approx. 5-10 min.

*Depending on the aftercare ointment being used application may vary.

Before applying aftercare ointment, make sure the tattoo is completely dry.

Wash hands with antibacterial soap and warm water prior to applying aftercare ointment.

Using only a very small amount of ointment, thoroughly and gently rub/massage into the tattoo.

This process should be repeated 2-3 times a day and/or as necessary.

(Do not over apply ointment as this may result in loss on pigment, do not let the tattoo become excessively dry as well.)

If using A&D or other equivalent products, this process should only be repeated for the first 3 days following the tattoo.

After 3 days, a non-scented / fragrance free lotion should be applied as needed for approx. 10-14 days.

If using Flora tattoo care you may use this product throughout the entire healing process.During the healing process (approx. 2 weeks).

· Make sure the tattoo and surrounding area remains clean.

· Always properly clean hands before touching your tattoo.

· Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight.

· Do not submerge the tattoo in any body of water.

(Absolutely no swimming, hot tub, sauna, lakes, pools, baths etc.)

· Itching is expected, do not scratch or pick at the tattoo!!!

· In some cases, a scab may form. Do not pick or peel! Allow it to heal on its own. (This may pull pigment out of the skin and will damage the tattoo.)

· Keep animals away from the tattoo until healing is completed.

· Only use clean white cloth or paper towels.

· Good personal hygiene, clean clothes, bedding etc.

· Eating healthy will also promote good healing.

· Do not take advice from anyone other than your artist and don’t let your friends touch your fresh tattoo.

Regularly moisturizing your tattoo will help keep the skin soft and the color bright. Sun can irreversibly damage a tattoo even after it is healed. Always use the strongest SPF sunblock while exposed to the sun.

Recommended products: Flora tattoo care, A&D ointment, (Bacitracin as replacement for A&D) non-scented / fragrance free lotion (Curel or Lubriderm), Dial gold antibacterial soap.

Thank you for choosing Artistic Prick Tattoos, Ltd. For your tattoo!

Please feel free to contact your artist___­­______________ with any questions regarding your new tattoo.


Do not panic if you have a reaction to your aftercare product, you may have sensitivity to one of the ingredients (Although not a major problem it does happen). Stop using the aftercare product, lightly wash off the remaining product from the tattoo. A reaction should settle down within 24-72 hrs. If you are still experience problems after 14 days, it is doubtful it is a reaction to the aftercare product and you may have an allergy to the ink. This is even possible if you have been tattooed before with no issues. Contact your artist for any advice. Consult a physician and notify your artist if any signs or symptoms develop such as the following: redness at the site, extreme swelling, discharge of fluid and or fever in the days following the procedure. Contact your local health department as well.